Kazakhstan beyond the headlines. How EU enables the release of political prisoners

The Republic of Kazakhstan is, unfortunately, often left out of the headlines, especially with regards to human rights violations.
We would like to raise awareness among the European audience on the subject of Kazakhstani political prisoners. Therefore, we will present the report of FIDU’s Human Rights Monitoring Mission, which resulted in prisoners’ release, at a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday, May 15.


Antonio Stango –  President of the ‘Italian Federation for Human Rights’, co-founder of the ‘Italian Helsinki Committee’; former Project Director of Kazakhstan Human Rights Training and Support Program.

Marcin Święcicki – President of the European Movement in Poland and Member of Parliament, acting in his capacity as member of the Human Rights Monitoring Mission to Kazakhstan. He is a former minister for foreign economic relations as well as a former mayor of Warsaw and OSCE Economic Coordinator.

This is a unique opportunity to hear about the firsthand experience of Marcin Swiecicki and Antonio Stango, who in April 2018 visited Kazakhstani political prisoners and civil society as well as authorities representatives. The event will demonstrate how EU’s soft power helps to release the political prisoners.

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