The MLFD Consortium within the framework of its project aimed to counter disinformation through the promotion of an inclusive media literacy strategy in the EU, is launching 1-day international workshops to be held from June to November 2023 in Italy, Spain and Poland.

The workshops will be addressed to 25 young participants resident in the EU.

The objective of the activity is:

  • Empower young citizens to become more informed digital citizens and encourage them to transfer the acquired knowledge to their communities
  • Promote a more inclusive dialogue on media literacy
  • Enhance the cross sector cooperation for a more effective media literacy strategy at the EU level

The discussions will be focused on the following topics:

1. The role of media literacy and education in countering misinformation and disinformation. 

2. The impact of disinformation on democratic systems, including erosion of trust and its effects on decision-making processes.

3. Promoting skills in critical thinking, fact-checking, and evaluating sources.

4. Regulating social media platforms and tech companies in relation to data tracking, privacy, and the spread of misinformation.

5. Facilitating and making dissemination by the European Union (EU) more accessible to improve the understanding of decision-making processes in policy related to misinformation.

6. The vulnerability of young people to the spread of misinformation and the importance of tailored approaches for different age groups and vulnerable populations.

8. The tension between the importance of free speech and journalistic freedom with regulating mechanisms.

9. The importance of international cooperation in combatting misinformation, having defined and constantly updated policies or oversight (i.e. through an independent committee or body focused on misinformation and legal consequences)

10. The challenge of the AI technologies

The first workshop will be hosted by FIDU in partnership with Luiss Data Lab and will take place in Rome, at Luiss Campus, Via Pola 12, Roma (RM), on 26 June 2023, from 9:30 to 15:30

The event will gather journalists/media workers, facilitators, expert lecturers and CSOs representatives with the aim to discuss the risk of mis- and disinformation and the need for an inclusive media literacy in the EU.

Working language: English

The agenda of the workshop is available here

The workshop has limited capacity, if you are interested in participating fill in the Google form.