Media Literacy for Democracy: Final Conference

A set of policy recommendations addressed to civil society and media workers on media literacy.

Media Literacy for Democracy project focuses on promoting an effective media literacy strategy based on the multidisciplinary approach and cross-sector cooperation to tackle disinformation, empower citizens to make informed decisions, and protect democratic values.

In this project’s final conference, we will present our contribution to defining an effective European strategy to promote media literacy in the Member States, a set of policy recommendations addressed to civil society, media workers and local and international institutions.

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09.30-10.30: Welcome and Keynote addresses

  • Diego López Garrido, Executive Vice President Fundación Alternativas – Talk: Event Presentation 
  • Eugenia de la Rosa, Press Officer at the Representation of the European Commission in Spain – Talk: Tackling the spread of online disinformation and misinformation to ensure the protection of European values and democratic systems
  • Prof. Olena Goroshko, Expert on disinformation and Professor at the National Technical University (Ukraine) – Talk: Disinformation in wars


  • Diego López Garrido

10.30-11.30: Project Overview and Results

  • Eleonora Mongelli, Vice President of FIDU and MLFD coordinator
  • Maria Rachinska, Manager of FECE – (Foundation For Entrepreneurship, Culture And Education) /  Фондация за предприемачество, култура и образование (Bulgaria)
  • Sara Singelton, Senior Researcher Social Inclusion at TASC – Think Tank for Action on Social Change (Ireland)
  • Svilena Kostadinova, Communication Officer of FECE (Bulgaria)
  • Ramón Ruiz, Chair of Philosophy of Law, University of Jaén (Spain)
  • Maria Ochwat, Faculty of Social Sciences at Uniwersytet Szczecinski (Poland)


  • Isaac Pozo
    Project Manager Fundación Alternativas

11.30-12.30: Expert Roundtable (How can we use the results of the projects?)

  • Gian Marco Passerini, Content Creator at Luiss Data Lab – Italian Digital Media Observatory (Italy)
  • Coral García, International Alliances Officer at and expert on disinformation
  • Víctor Ventura, PhD Researcher in disinformation regarding cryptocurrencies at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain).
  • Q&A and closure


  • Inés Ferreirós
    Coodinator of the Laboratory of Public Policies. Fundación Alternativas